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      Where others her age would be several years into retirement, Goldie Smitlener took on the challenge of making a feature length movie – for the very first time.  “I read the original story that Stolen Path is based on when I was very young, before my family moved from Croatia to Canada. It was such a beautiful, delicate love story that I never could forget it,” said Goldie.       Over the years she kept thinking about it, and at different times even wrote various film scripts.  Finally, the desire to turn the story into a film was too much to resist.  “I know that I’m in the twilight of my years, but I refused to let that stop me,” said the diminutive grandmother, whose granddaughter Daniela also stars in the film. “To not only actually make the film but share the adventure with my granddaughter is more special than I can put into words.”       It takes persistence to put a film like this, on an Indie budget, together and it would have all fallen apart without the never-say-die attitude of Goldie and her team.  Reflecting the culture and spirit of the original book, filming has taken place in the gorgeous countryside of Croatia and Vancouver, Canada.